Double Up On Moisture With This Mini-Collection

The Real Purity Team
For years, many of you have flocked to Real Purity’s Natural Roll-On Deodorant, a top-secret, BO-repelling aluminum-free formula developed by our founder many years ago. However, just because the formula is a well-guarded secret doesn’t mean we want to hide its most powerful ingredients – which is why we’ve replicated many of the deodorant’s most powerful properties in our Pure Body Soap.
Much like our Roll-On Deodorant, our Pure Body soap is designed to provide moisture while still being particularly kind to sensitive, easily irritated skin. That’s why we include grapefruit oil, which eases excessive oiliness, inflammation and acne breakouts, and sandalwood oil, which can alleviate skin struggles ranging from insect bites and sunburn to acne and eczema. The addition of lavender also complements sandalwood in this bath time product, since both oils promote tranquility, relaxation and stress relief.
Although the ingredients listed above might sound more exotic, we haven’t forgotten our favorite sensitive skin staples. Aloe vera provides moisture without an oily residue and supplies the skin with a host of antioxidants, including beta carotene, vitamin C & vitamin E, that keep skin firm and hydrated. Vitamin E is integral in this soap mixture, playing a role in everything from neutralizing free radicals to easing wrinkles and smoothing rough skin. Olive leaf extract in our Pure Body soap bar (and the olive oil in our Roll-On Deodorant) also plays an important role by providing oleic acid, allowing skin to absorb and retain moisture.
Because this moisturizing soap shares so many of our Roll-On Deodorant’s best characteristics and ingredients, we’re bundling them together so that your easily irritated skin can have the comprehensive care it deserves. Check out the listing here and double down on moisture with Real Purity’s newest Moisturizing Mini-Collection. Trust us – your skin will thank you!