Featuring: Real Purity’s Pure Youth Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Facial Cream

The Real Purity Team
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When we’re young, our skin does an excellent job of resisting wrinkles, because the skin is able to easily retain moisture and to stretch in and out. However, over time, the skin begins to thin and loses its high concentration of elastin and collagen. As moisture retention drops and our skin loses its plumpness, the epidermis begins to sag and wrinkles begin to form.
Does this declaration cause you to lose all hope? Don’t! There are specific ingredients (and formulas) that can still wage a war on wrinkles. Read on to see which ones we prize the most in our Pure Youth Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Facial Cream. 
Moisture: The biggest challenge for older, dry skin is its ability to retain moisture. Thankfully, this facial cream provides it in abundance. The addition of aloe vera, lecithin (a naturally occurring lipid, soybean derived), polymorpha sinensis root extract, pilosula (a skin conditioning agent), shea and cocoa butter, and green tea leaf extract all play a role in providing moisture to dry, thirsty skin.
Healing: Once skin is already wrinkled, moisturizing won’t be enough – you’ll need to heal your aging skin to decrease the prevalence of wrinkling that’s already occurred. Helpful ingredients that ease both previous wrinkling and existing inflammation include the following: aloe vera, co enzyme q10 (an antioxidant produced naturally by every cell in the body), angelica (a common Chinese herb), and lemon balm.
Cell Growth Stimulation: Part of the wrinkle-decrease challenge is increasing the growth of new cells, while also clearing away toxins and irritants that prevent your skin from being fully plump and radiant. That’s why we include ingredients like blue green algae, which gently penetrate skin to clear away toxins, and jojoba seed oil, which ease the appearance of wrinkles by improving the elasticity and suppleness of skin. Even pilosula, mentioned earlier, will help repair skin damage while improving skin’s firmness. The addition of ingredients like schizandra protects your skin from the environment and allows its radiance to shine through.
At Real Purity, we create formulas sourced from natural ingredients – and that means when we put an ingredient in, we do it on purpose. So the next time you go to battle wrinkles, know that it’s not just the formula we stand behind, but the ingredients used to mix it all together.
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