Inflamed Skin? Go For Aloe Vera!

The Real Purity Team
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Aloe vera is a natural, plant-derived substance used to make a variety of moisturizing soaps and skincare products. Choose a product with aloe for chapped, sunburnt or dry skin and you’ll be able to clean your skin without excess drying or irritation. People suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis, acne or eczema may benefit from using aloe to sooth the discomforts associated with these conditions.
What is Aloe Vera?
Aloe is a spiky, cactus like plant that grows in arid parts of the word; many homeowners actually use aloe plants as part of their landscaping. Aloe can grow to be about four feet tall, with fat, spiky leaves. The leaves are filled with pulp and a clear, gel-like liquid; both the pulp and the liquid can be used for soap making or for skincare products.
Aloe is easy to grow and requires little care, but provides big rewards when used in soaps, skin care and first aid. You do not have to have a garden to get the benefits of aloe; you can find everything you need in a commercial aloe product.
Aloe For Inflamed, Sensitive Skin
Aloe has been used for thousands of years as a skin treatment and burn ointment. The natural cool, soothing texture of aloe provides both relief and moisture; using a product with aloe will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth (which is why we use it in items like the Real Purity Facial Scrub & Eye & Throat Cream). Wondering why aloe is so helpful for treating burns and sunburns? It contains glycoproteins -- substances that can help soothe inflammation and ease pain and discomfort.
Aloe has also been found to be an excellent way to treat certain skin conditions, including psoriasis. According to the University Of Maryland Medical Center using a product that contains aloe will both ease the symptoms and help reduce the severity of the condition for many sufferers. When you read Aloe Vera on an ingredient list, you can be sure that the product will be moisturizing and comforting to dry or damaged skin. This quality makes it a perfect fit for the Real Purity Papaya Facial Mask, which heals stressed & damaged skin.
Not Just For Skin
Think aloe is just for skin? Nope! Aloe is also an excellent ingredient for hair care, and often leaves behind healthy, smooth and shiny hair. It’s also particularly good for dandruff; its application eases the flaking of the upper epidermal layer, which is caused by fungi metabolizing sebum on the scalp and irritation of your skin’s pH balance. Both of these reasons play a huge role in why we include it in our Natural Hair Spray
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