Why Switch To Natural Skin Care?

The Real Purity Team
Why Switch To Chemical-Free Skin Care?
Many men and women recognize that leading a “green” or “organic” lifestyle can be beneficial to their health – especially when considering products for their skin. However, those same shoppers often have no idea what the actual benefits are of using less toxic skin care. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the reasons we’ve made the switch to natural skin care products.
Improved Skin Appearance
A number of synthetic soaps, shampoos, bubble baths and toothpastes contain the chemicals sodium lauryl sulfate and propylene glycol. Both of these chemicals have been shown to dry out the skin and give it a dull appearance. If you have sensitive skin, these additives can also make it more susceptible to rashes or dry patches. Synthetics mineral oil found in many cosmetics can also dry out your skin over the long term, even as it seems to temporarily moisturize it. When switching to new skin care products, read the labels carefully to ensure they contain none of these chemicals.
Decreased Asthma Risks
Other chemicals found in many skin care products can increase the severity and frequency of asthma attacks. Common examples include solvents called phthalates, which can also increase the chances of developing eczema and psoriasis. Synthetic fragrances in skin care products contain large numbers of chemicals that may pose risks to asthma sufferers as well.
Better Immune System Function
Many synthetic skin care products such as shampoos and nail polishes are made with formaldehyde, which has been shown to gradually weaken the immune system. It can also slightly increase the risk of respiratory infections. Cutting out these products and replacing them with more natural skin care routines can reverse this immune system harm over time.
When shopping for natural skin care products, look for those made without dyes, synthetic fragrances, lanolin or formaldehyde. Natural ingredients in soaps and lotions can heal and improve dry, tired skin in only a short amount of time. When looking for deodorants and toothpastes, make sure they contain no alcohols or aluminum derivatives. These products are made with only pure mineral salts and carry none of the risks associated with synthetic skin- and body care products.
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