What Creme Ingredients Are Right For Your Skin?

The Real Purity Team
One of the primary challenges for maintaining healthy skin as the weather gets cooler is finding ways to keep it healthy, toned and protected – and the truth is, there are many ways to accomplish that. Dry or oily skin, breakouts and changes in your skin’s pH, for example, can all be managed through the use of supplements, making changes to your diet, being healthier in your lifestyle and even alleviating stress. One of the easiest ways to manage minor skin issues, however, is through the use of over-the-counter products – specifically, various creams and lotions.
Although most creams are created with a purpose, they are not all created equal. Any cream – created by any company – will contain a variety of ingredients that may or may not agree with your skin type. For example, the use of colloidal oatmeal is becoming more and more popular in lotions that are developed for those who have extraordinarily dry skin or who suffer from skin conditions like Eczema.  However, for someone who has normal skin and just needs a light moisturizer, a lotion or cream with an ingredient like colloidal oatmeal could be too sticky and even cause a excess degree of oiliness.
As we’ve advised many times, it’s always important to understand what ingredients are in your products and what purpose they serve when they’re applied to the skin. Below, we’ve combed through many of our own creams to define the purposes behind some of our favorite ingredients that, for the right skin type, can be incredibly protective and moisturizing.
A Few Ingredients & Their Uses
Safflower Oil (Facial Food Crème, Crème Supreme): This oil, which functions like an emollient when applied topically, softens and soothes skin by providing a barrier to moisture loss. Read more about Safflower Oil.
Almond Oil (Azulene Crème, Facial Food Crème): Almond oil has been hailed for its ability to act as “food for the skin.” It has a high concentration of Vitamin E, which protects our skin from harmful UV rays, protects us from skin damage and helps our cells repair themselves. Read more about the benefits of Almond Oil.
Fennel (Azulene Crème, Facial Extraordinaire): Fennel is an antioxidant that protects against environmental damage. Its use also stimulates estrogen receptors, which helps maintain the skin’s firmness and can help battle wrinkles, excess sebum production (oiliness of your skin) weakness of connective tissue and cellulite. Read more about this ingredient.
Vitamin A, D & E (Azulene Crème, Facial Food Crème): Everyone loves a good vitamin, right? In this instance, these three act as a team of anti-oxidants that heal and nurture your skin. You can read more about any of these vitamins at the website of the Office of Dietary Supplements.
Azulene Extract (Eye & Throat Crème, Azulene Crème): Azulene extract, which originates from the chamomile plant, is known for its healing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory powers. The use of this ingredient is particularly useful for those seeking to protect against razor burn and ingrown hairs, and to prevent the development of skin blemishes and wrinkles. Read more about this extract and its origination from the chamomile plant.
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