Relieve Your Stress with the Magic of Magnesium

The Real Purity Team
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Our body requires many minerals to operate at peak performance. Calcium, potassium and iron are all minerals, for example, that are incredibly important to continued growth, immune function, reproduction, blood pressure regulation, and bone strength.
Each of these minerals is particularly important for the growth and development of everyone, at any age. However, one of the most influential minerals that is often excluded from the conversation (especially for adults) is actually one of our favorites – the all-powerful, magical magnesium.
Magnesium has been called one of life’s most important minerals. Involved in over 350 enzyme reactions and indirectly required for thousands of others, a proper level of magnesium is essential for energy production, protein formation, cellular replication and muscle relaxation. Without a proper level of magnesium, our metabolic (life processes) suffer.
Of all of the minerals included in your diet, magnesium is the one that will make the most difference to your health and sanity this holiday season. Named as the number one stress mineral, maintaining a healthy level of this mineral acts to keep stress at bay and anxiety as a manageable level.
However, it’s important to remember that as your stress rises, you will need to continue to replenish your store of magnesium. When we are under mental or physical stress, for instance, our bodies require even higher levels of magnesium. The release of stress hormones causes a much greater need in magnesium dependent reactions, thus using up any magnesium the body has stored. Living under continual stress causes deficiency, in turn, putting the body under more stress thereby creating a vicious cycle.
Beyond it’s ability to manage stress when maintained at healthy levels, the importance of magnesium cannot be overemphasized. Known as “the calming mineral”, having an abundance of magnesium can also eliminate aches and pains and can improve one’s ability to relax and sleep.
If we all bathed in mineral-rich oceans, then many of us wouldn’t suffer from magnesium deficiencies. However, although magnesium deficiencies are common, they aren’t difficult to address. For instance, you can easily include magnesium-rich foods in your diet. Leafy green veggies, like spinach, parsley and swiss chard, whole grains, including whole wheat bread and brown rise, or nuts, like almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts, are all extraordinarily rich in magnesium. You can also use supplements, available in many grocery and retail outlets, or sprays, like our popular Dr. Rich’s Magesium Oil/Spray, which allow you to absorb magnesium through your skin.
Don’t lie awake this month, stressing about the turkey you need to order or the mother-in-law that will be swooping into your kitchen. Fill your diet with magnesium-rich foods and look forward to a (more) peaceful holiday.
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Interested in more information about magnesium and magnesium-rich foods? Click here to read the Magnesium fact sheet from the Office of Dietary Supplements.