Let’s Keep You Healthy: Ingredients & Supplements For Cold Weather

The Real Purity Team
October brings with it some of our favorite fall moments. Who didn’t spend a few minutes outside this last weekend, visiting a pumpkin patch, raking up leaves scattered all over the yard, or putting up last year’s Halloween decorations?
Whatever you did this weekend, it’s likely to that you did it with friends, outdoors, and without a care in the world for the chill in the air. But as we start to unconsciously huddle closer together for warmth, we start to spread more germs than we might have in the summer – which means that immune systems start to suffer and noses start to run. So what can you do about it?
Obviously, there are always supplements you can take that will keep your immune system ready for any attack (and we’ve recommended a few for you, since all of our supplements are 20% off through the end of October). However, there are some natural foods to keep your body in check and your immune system healthy too.
Olive Leaf Extract: One of our favorite immune-fighting ingredients is Olive Leaf Extract, a natural ingredient that acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Used in our DaVinci Olivir 15 Olive Leaf Extract, olive leaf extract interacts with the protein in cold and flu viruses to halt infection. To read more, visit www.wholeliving.com.
Cod Liver Oil: Cod Liver Oil, while not exactly the first delicious thing we think of, can play a huge role in the support of any child’s immune system. However, getting them to take it can be…challenging. Used in our DaVinci Omni Jr. multi-vitamin (a multi-vitamin recommended by The Comparative Guide to Childrens Nutritionals) Cod Liver Oil contains high levels of fat soluble vitamins A, D & K and are easily absorbed, making them most effective. Read more at the Mama Natural blog.
Garlic & Ginger: Although these ingredients aren't used in most of our supplements, we still think they’re important to recommend for immune system protection. Where garlic seems to stimulate the immune system and evidence has shown that garlic intake may lower the risk of catching a cold, , ginger is an equally potent ingredient, containing sesquiterpenes that target the most common form of colds
All of these ingredients are easy-to-find items that can be easily incorporated into teas, soups and everyday foods to help keep your family’s immune system healthy. So whether it’s through supplements or a delicious meal, we’re sure you’ll find a way to keep your family healthy and happy.
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