Top Essential Oils For Hair and Scalp Health

The Real Purity Team
If you’re struggling to find the right natural hair care product for you, it could be that you aren’t looking using the right ingredients for your hair and scalp. To understand what hair care products you should be stocking up on, read our list of top essential oils for hair and scalp health below.
Jojoba oil
Jojoba oil is extracted from the jojoba plant in California, Arizona, and parts of Mexico. This oil shares characteristics with the natural sebum created by your scalp. You can massage it into your hair and scalp to provide moisture, or add a few drops of it to your favorite conditioner to promote hair growth. Jojoba oil is hypoallergenic and will not irritate your hair or scalp.
Saw Palmetto
Saw palmetto can be used as a hair care product as well as a food item. Here, for topical application and for hair growth, we recommend using the essential oil. Recent studies have shown that saw palmetto essential oil may be beneficial against those suffering from hyperplasia and male pattern baldness. You can use the oil by itself or by massaging over the scalp with some conditioner.
Chamomile Oil
Chamomile oil originates from the blooms of the Chamomile plant and is often used to soothe nerves. Its topical use is best for brittle hair, and it can even be beneficial in eliminating lice.
Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is well known for its ability to relax and ease stress and tension; however, this oil is often an excellent essential oil for hair care. Its use can deeply condition hair, keep it shiny and healthy, and can help control excessive dandruff. This is one of the few oils that can be used for dry, normal or oily hair.
Rosemary Oil
Rosemary oil is not only tasty on the barbeque – the essential oil pulled from this common herb can help stimulate hair follicles and treat dry, scaly and dandruff-ridden scalps. Rosemary is another essential oil that can be used for dry, normal or oily hair.
Lemon Oil
Lemon essential oil can do more than add a pleasant scent to your hair care products. This essential oil can be helpful for women or men who have extra-oily hair, while also preventing persistent scalp dryness and dandruff. Like Chamomile oil, Lemon oil can also be used to treat lice.
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