Get Ready For Cool Weather With These Fall Makeup Looks!

Rachael Pfenninger, Contributing Writer


Fall is all about grabbing your newest pair of jeans, swapping your tanks for cozy sweaters and wrapping up in your favorite scarf. But why should the fall season be only about your clothes? Try out these fall makeup looks to go with every ensemble these next few months.

For warm-toned skin, our makeup consultant recommends either pairing our Coral Berry Lipstick with our Light Coral Powder Blush, or our Indian Dust Lipstick with our Indian Dust Powder Blush. The first combination (see final look below, left) is an excellent daytime choice for those with warm tones, and its subtle brown and warm pink tones really pull together for a fun, fall look. The second two colors pair for a dramatic nighttime look by pulling in a hint of rusty orange with a rich red, rust color (see final look below, right).

Coral Berry1            IndianDust2

For cool-toned skin, we recommend combining either our Passion Lipstick with our Desert Rose Powder Blush, or our Regal Red Lipstick with our Regal Red Powder Blush. The first combination pairs the brownish red of the Passion lipstick with the cool rose/mauve tones of the Desert Rose, creating a perfect daytime fall look (see below, left), while the second combination adds a flair perfect for a fall evening (see final look below, right).

Passion3            RegalRed4

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