Get The Look Using Organic Makeup for Halloween

The Real Purity Team
We know that Halloween is all about over the top costume drama - but that doesn't mean you should sacrifice your skin! Take a look at four makeup ideas below to get a brilliant look that you can pull off with your natural makeup.  
Snow White
snow white
Snow White might be an iconic character, but that doesn't mean you can't pull off her look. Check out the tutorial to see step by step directions.
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The Cat
Always a staple costume for the last minute planner, this look is easy to turn natural. Get the look at 

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The Mermaid
With just a little effort, it's easy to pull off this colorful palette for any upcoming party. See how to blend beautifully by clicking here.
Shop The Look: Eyeshadow (Bright Blue, Misty Blue, Emerald Green, Lilac) and Mascara (Black)
The Fairy
These mystical colors will really shine when you use natural eye color to make your eyes pop. See here for the fairy how-to.
Shop The Look: Health Glow Foundation, Pressed Powder (Medium), Eyeshadow (Charcoal, Lilac, Bright Blue), Mascara (Black), Lip Gloss (Berry Kiss)
Halloween may only be once a year, but all of these looks include dazzling colors that look great on any other day.
Not sure you want to commit to some of these colors? Don't forget that all of our cosmetics come in sample sizes.