Organic Halloween Makeup Recipes That Will Make You Mom of the Year

The Real Purity Team
Halloween is just over a week away, and although some of you have already thought of the costumes you’ll be wearing this year, we thought that a little inspiration never hurts. Click below to see what articles inspired us this season – and what many bloggers recommended avoiding.
Warning: Halloween Makeup Contains Dangerous Heavy Metals  
By Deborah Mitchell
According to Deborah Mitchell, a freelance health and medical writer, a study from 2011 reported that 100% of Halloween makeup products tested contained detectable levels of one or more dangerous metals, including cadmium, lead and mercury. Yikes! So what do we do if we want to avoid the store bought solutions?
Luckily, there are blogs out there who are coming to the rescue. Need a nontoxic face paint for your child this Halloween? Check out the Sierra Club blog to get a face paint recipe that will be safe for your child’s face, no matter what they want to be this Halloween. 
Skip the Spooky Makeup and Buy Nontoxic Brands 
by Rebecca Gruber
We’re definitely on writer Rebecca Gruber’s side with this argument. Have you seen some of the ingredients that are included in store bought wounds, warts and fake blood products? Luckily, there are a plethora of opportunities to make all sorts of goop with a few simple ingredients in your house. We love this article from The Smart Mama blog that has some recommended recipes that you AND your kids can get on board with.
Is Hairspray Harmful?
Article cited from
We know this article isn’t so specific to Halloween - but we also know that hairspray is a must for even some of the most basic costumes.  Surprisingly, although hairsprays are some of the worst offenders when it comes to toxic ingredients, it’s easy to make with only a few  items. Check out The Wellness Mama blog link here for an easy, printable recipe.
However spooky of a holiday you and your kids have this year, just remember this – you don’t need to be frightened about what you’re putting on your family’s skin. We hope the links above help you have a healthy, happy and just spooky enough Halloween.
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