Real Purity Modifies Labels To Follow INCI Standards

The Real Purity Team

For over the last two decades, the Real Purity team has created cosmetic and beauty care products that are not only 100% natural and organic, but have also met the needs of the many who suffer from allergies, skin conditions and temperamental skin.

Often, these men and women are unable to use many of the beauty industry’s available products, and we are proud to provide alternatives that are not only safe for them to use, but contribute to each user’s natural beauty and the development of healthy skin.

To maintain this degree of confidence in the quality of our products, we believe that it’s important to continue sharing all of the ingredients included in each of them. For this reason, Real Purity has decided to begin redesigning our ingredient labels to better meet the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) standards of labeling.
The INCI system is the official dictionary for cosmetic ingredients. It requires that any ingredient to be listed on any cosmetic or personal care label be submitted and approved by the Personal Care Products Council (formerly known as the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association). This system of labeling provides consistency and validation across all ingredients listed on personal care products distributed domestically and internationally.

To summarize, the ingredients used in our products will be the same. However, the label on each product will begin to include two names for every ingredient - both the original Latin name of the ingredient, which will be the standard international ingredient name, and the more common name our customers are used to seeing. An example of this style of ingredient listing would be to list “Tangerine Essential Oil” as “Citrus Tangerina (Tangerine) Essential Oil.
For over the last two decades, our team has striven to create the highest quality products and to take care of every customer using them. Adhering to these standards will allow us to continue doing both. For that reason, we’re excited to take this step forward as a company and to share the journey with each of you.
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