Who Has Time For Spots? How to Prevent Acne Breakouts This Winter

The Real Purity Team
Who Has Time For Spots_ How to Prevent Acne Breakouts This Winter
Of all of the things you were worried about this winter, “how to prevent acne breakouts” probably wasn’t at the top of your list. Isn’t colder air and lower humidity supposed to dry out your skin, preventing that gross oil from clogging your pores and creating those many spots you dread waking up to in the morning?
Unfortunately, winter is actually as rough – if not more so – on our skin than fresh, summer air. In winter, breakouts are actually MORE likely to occur because as our skin dries out, our oil glands go into overproduction to try and keep it hydrated. So when you combine long, hot showers with a cranked heating unit and the dehydration that many face in winter, the result is a perfect storm on what was a flawless face.
But even though you might be giving up your workout routine for a month (or five), that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice beautiful skin too. Try these tips to prevent acne breakouts this winter season.
Invest in a humidifier. Even though you’re snug in your home, the dry air from winter outside is probably still sneaking in. A humidifier will not only provide additional moisture in your home, but it’ll come in handy when your family is suffering from those sniffles so that often accompany cold weather (read more about other ways to battle the sniffles by reading last week’s blog here).
Stick with a skin care routine. With the right skin routine, you can keep your skin’s pH balanced and ensure that it isn’t suffering from skin that’s too dry or too oily. Our team recommends starting with a simple cleanser, an exfoliating facial scrub, an easy to use toner and a moisturizing cream to create the perfect mix for your skin.
Looking for a particular regimen to try? A few our favorites for dehydrated skin include Real Purity Cleansing Gel, a gentle cleansing gel that will free debris from your pores, followed by our exfoliating Facial Scrub to clear away dead skin cells. To continue the routine, you can then use  Real Purity's Green Tea Toner to restore your skin’s pH balance, and complete the routine with our Real Purity Night Revitalizer Cream, which will provide the finishing touch of moisture you need.
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Hydrate! Skin breakouts are caused by any number of scenarios, but the easiest to fix by far is the notorious dehydration from which many of us suffer. Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water, juice and tea might make you pop into the bathroom more frequently, but it’s likely that you can stave off a few pimples and feel more energized in the process.
Examine your diet. You’re at home. It’s too cold to go to the gym…and that chocolate brownie looks DELICIOUS. However, according to this WebMD article, there are some foods that could trigger higher insulin in your blood stream and a spike in your blood sugar levels, thus causing the development of acne. These foods include those that are high in sugar, like sweetened beverages, desserts, and even items as innocent as granola bars. WebMD also recommends eating smaller meals, which will keep your blood sugar levels steady, and loading up on vegetables, which can “dampen free-radical damage and inflammation.”
The key to controlling your acne may or may not be linked to the factors listed above, but they are all great steps to take if you want to prevent future acne breakouts.
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