A Mindful Practice: Facial Yoga for Anti-Aging & Relaxation

The Real Purity Team

Your face is made up of many small muscles that work in tandem to help us create the portfolio of expressions of which we are capable. As we age, these muscles lose their tightness and fail to support the facial skin, leading to sagging and wrinkles.
Any time we exercise a muscle, we are increasing circulation to the entire area and oxygenating the cells, which helps it repair itself and function efficiently. Of course, the area around the muscle includes the skin (this explains why any time you’ve begun to work out, you might notice that even your skin seems tighter).
Interestingly, the muscles and skin on your face are no different, yet facial exercises are often not in our awareness as part of whole body health.
Facial yoga is easy to do and costs nothing. For only a few minutes each day, you can strengthen and tighten the muscles in your face without expensive, anti-aging & wrinkle-reducing products. These exercises will lift and tone your skin, smooth wrinkles and sagging areas, and even increase the collagen production of your skin. You will improve oxygen flow leading to brighter, healthier skin.
Here’s a quick list of the benefits your facial yoga exercises will provide:
  • Tighten loose skin under the chin and along jaw line
  • Firm-up areas around the eyes
  • Relax and tone forehead muscles to reduce appearance of lines
  • No painful injections or unnatural chemicals on your skin
  • Relax and release tension just as with any focused, relaxation exercises
  • Increase your self-confidence when you begin to see the results
Getting started is easy!
One basic example of facial yoga for a youthful look is the Eye Squint.
  • Close your eyes and then squeeze your eyelids together gently (not hard enough to wrinkle up the skin around the eyes, just enough that you are using the muscles around your eye to press upper and lower lid together). Hold this for 5 seconds, then release. Repeat 5 times. You are toning the muscles all around your eyes to keep the skin taught, preventing sagging upper lids and puffy bags underneath.
Another easy one to start with is the Lip Pucker.
  • Using your lips, make the shape of an "O", then hold the "O" position and try to force a very wide smile. This requires you to hold the muscles around your mouth very tight to give resistance while using muscles in your jaw and neck to try to pull away from your mouth. Bye-bye saggy jaw line and cheeks. This will prevent lines around your mouth and also helps tone the neck area.
Forget Botox for your forehead lines and try this NATURAL facial yoga approach to smooth skins.
  • Raise your eyebrows as high as you can and hold for a count of 5 seconds, release. Repeat 10 times. A variation on this is to raise eyebrows high, open eyes wide and then try to force a frown. It feels awkward at first, but just focus on how many muscles you are engaging and tightening. Hold for 5 seconds, release, repeat 10 times.
Once you have seen facial yoga demonstrated you will be able to do it on your own at your convenience. Here is a great instructional video to give you the idea. Select your 5 favorite movements to get started, then keep adding until you have a good 10 to 15 minute routine that easily fits into your day.
Great times to practice facial exercises:
  • When you have just gone to bed and are ready to relax and fall asleep (these exercises will calm your mind and take you to a restful place)
  • Alternatively, as you enjoy your morning coffee
  • While sitting at your desk
  • As part of a relaxing soak in the tub
As with any yoga movement remember to focus on maintaining deep, refreshing breaths as you go. The oxygen is key to creating firm facial muscles and glowing skin! 
Such a simple addition to your day will bring a glow to your face, relaxation to your mind, and confidence to your steps.
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