The Benefits of Collagen: Friend or Foe?

The Real Purity Team

What is collagen?
Collagen is a natural protein that is found in our connective tissues to support muscle, bone, and ligament structure. It's safe to say, therefore, that collagen essentially keeps up together. Other benefits of collagen include:
Healthy Skin: Increased blood circulation improves the flow of essential nutrients and oxygen to rejuvenate skin.
Stronger Hair: Restorative nutrients within collagen enfold each strand of hair at the root to promote longer, thicker, shinier hair.
Better Digestion: A protective coating formed by collagen lines the digestive tract to repair intestinal wall obstructions and combat toxins. 
Unfortunately, even though this protein is a natural byproduct of our bodies, the amount we produce progressively decreases as we age. This can make us think of it more as a foe than a friend when it takes its natural turn towards depletion. As a result, many are in search of alternative sources of collagen.
How can we maintain healthy levels of collagen?
Consuming a diet enriched with sources of collagen is the most optimal way to naturally help your body manufacture collagen and sustain higher levels. Some foods to promote collagen production are apples, oranges, eggs, broccoli, and lean meats. Other methods to increase collagen levels include using dietary supplements, skin lotion and filler injections.
Keep in mind, the same way collagen is enhanced, it can also become damaged by aspects of our personal dietary and lifestyle choices. The benefits of collagen are compromised by these factors:
Smoking limits blood circulation, reduces oxygen and essential nutrients for the skin and causes wrinkles.
Dehydration depletes collagen, decreases cell growth, and prompts fine lines.
Sleep Deprivation lowers collagen restoration, weakens tissue, and develops skin abnormalities (i.e. dark circles, puffy eyes, etc.)
Are there any side effects of collagen supplements?
Despite all the advantages associated with collagen, there is evidence to suggest that side effects may occur with collagen supplements. Some of the reported side effects to consider are:
  • Skin worsening
  • Allergic reactions
  • Excessive levels
Let’s face it…
Based on all the information available about collagen, we can conclude that everything has pros and cons, including collagen. Yes, this particular protein is absolutely a necessary protein; however, when it comes to boosting collagen with dietary supplements, remember to choose a health conscious regimen that’s best for you if you want to avoid encountering any unexpected disadvantages that would turn a friend into a foe.
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