Thanksgiving Crafts For You & Your Kids

The Real Purity Team
Thanksgiving is a time for food & family, so why not complement your cooking with a little Thanksgiving craft time too?
The first of our Thanksgiving crafts looks great on the wall. The Paper Plate Turkey Wreath from A Mommy's Adventures uses a paper plate, construction paper and glue. Older kids can easily complete the entire project themselves, and the little ones will love sticking on the paper loops to form the wreath.
Saratoga Mama has many Thanksgiving craft ideas as well. We love the Woven Placemat made from fall-colored sheets of foam. If you want other dining ideas for your Thanksgiving table, you can also use black plastic cups and black and yellow construction paper to create these adorable Pilgrim Hat place cards (seen here at My Insanity). Write the names of guests on the brim with gold pen.
Speaking of pilgrims, why not combine a little history and science with these Mini Mayflowers from Fantastic Fun and Learning? The little ships are made from empty applesauce cups painted brown and white card stock sails secured with play dough. Will they float or sink in a tub of water? What do they do when you blow on the sails?
For more décor ideas, you can create a A Candy Corn Owl Craft from Crafty Morning will add some fall charm to your home. Construction paper, candy corn, black marker, and glue, and you've got yourself a cute little owl. Make it a thankful owl by giving it a "Whooo's Thankful?" caption complete with the name of your child.
Lastly, a Thankful Tree is a simple and elegant way to incorporate the most important meaning of Thanksgiving: gratitude. We think this version of the Thankful Tree from The DIY Mommy could become a holiday tradition in your family. Fill a small pot with rocks and a stick from your backyard, and then cut out paper leaves. Ask your child what he or she is thankful for, and write each item on a leaf. Punch a hole in the leaf and let your child hang it on the tree. Don't forget to make thankful leaves for yourself, too!
However you choose to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, you can’t go wrong if you surround yourselves with friends, family & food. Cheers to the holiday season!
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