Ingredient Spotlight – Avocado Oil & Other Forgotten Ingredients

The Real Purity Team
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Although Real Purity has a great team and loyal customers, most of its success is based on one thing - the careful development of its formulas.
Too often, it’s forgotten that every ingredient should be in a formula to serve a specific purpose. So to honor the four featured products we’ve picked for our flash sale this week, we’re we’ve written up an ingredient spotlight to highlight a few of our favorite, but most forgotten, ingredients.
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Real Purity Roll On Natural Deodorant (Full Size & Travel Size)
Featured Ingredient: Apricot Oil
On our Roll-On Deodorant page, we mention that the addition of organic Apricot Oil keeps your skin dry & residue-free - but that’s not all it does. Apricot Oil is also a non-irritant, anti-inflammatory, and an emollient. It moisturizes & soothes irritated skin, without leaving an oily feeling behind because of its lightness.
Real Purity Velvet Glove Hand Cream
Featured Ingredient: Castor Seed Oil
Castor Seed Oil is an ingredient that doesn’t even get mentioned on our Velvet Glove Hand Cream page, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have as many benefits as the other ingredients. We love this oil because you can use it for a range of skin care problems, including acne, stretch marks, and even nasty invasions of ringworms. And if you think that’s it, you’re dead wrong – you can also use it for wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, and even as a moisturizer. You can’t go wrong with an application of Caster Seed Oil.
Real Purity Hand & Body Lotion: Fragrance-Free & Lavender-Scented
Featured Ingredient: Avocado Oil
Avocado isn’t only yummy to eat; it’s also an excellent oil source of nutrition for the skin. Loaded with proteins, unsaturated fats, and sterolin (a component that reduces age spots and softens skin), this oil can moisturize your skin while also soothing skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis. Because this oil also increases the production of collagen, its use can lead to plumper, younger looking skin.
Real Purity Anti-Aging Dragon Fruit Facial Cream
Featured Ingredient: Jojoba Esters
Jojoba Esters are a frequently used ingredient in our formulas for a simple reason – not only are they a terrific emollient, but they’re also an exfoliator for your skin. So as this ingredient soaks & moisturizes your skin, it’s eliminating dead skin cells and clearing away other debris that could be blocking your pores.