Celebrate the Season With These Vegan Barbecue Recipes

The Real Purity Team
For many of us, the passing of Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. The kids are about to be home for the summer, the days are lasting longer and – you guessed it – the barbecue invites are piling up as the temperature begins to soar.
If you’re ready to join the barbecue-hosting tradition, but you have guests that stay away from certain foods, then you’ll love these vegan barbecue recipes we’ve gathered from a few of our favorite bloggers. Visit each of them to get the recipe details and for even more ideas on how to design your summer spread.
Vegan BBQ Tofu Burger (photo featured above)
During the grilling season, it’s not possible to go wrong with a burger on the grill – and even though this one is made out of tofu, we still think you’re meat-loving guests will fall in love with it. Check it now at the Vegan Miam Blog.
Balsamic Grilled Zucchini
If you’ve got zucchini growing in your garden, then you’re in luck. Made with mostly ingredients you probably already have lying around, this Balsamic Grilled Zucchini recipes is sure to knock the neighbors socks off. See details now at the Valerie’s Kitchen Blog.
Strawberry Pie
Because baking any pie from scratch can be a challenge all by itself, many of us would never even attempt a vegan version. But you’ll miss out if you don’t add this Star-Spangled pie to your barbecue table. Visit the Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes Blog to read more.
Grilled Pizza Dough with Veggies and Almond “Ricotta”
You’ll be visiting the Farmers Market with gusto when you have this recipe in hand – and it will all be worth it once you’ve whipped it together for your friends & family. Check it now at the Beard & Bonnet Blog.
Grain-Free Mixed Berry Crisp
Every summer, we fall in love with berries all over again – and this vegan version of Mixed Berry Crips is one very delicious explanation. Visit the Free People BLDG 25 Blog to see how you can throw together this easy-to-serve dessert.
*Photo credits go to:
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