Why Switch to Chemical-Free Skin Care?

The Real Purity Team
Opting for chemical-free skin care products takes some research and careful comparison shopping, but the health benefits are well worth the extra time and effort. To see why we would switch to chemical-free skin care, read on below.
Less Skin Irritation
Some chemicals used in skin care products remove natural oils from the skin, causing flare-ups of chronic conditions like eczema. Some people also experience more acne breakouts and dry skin patches due to chemicals found in face washes, skin creams or foundation. When formulated with organic ingredients, these same types of products work with your skin’s natural chemistry rather than against it.
Fewer Headaches
Natural, fragrance-free skin care products can bring welcome relief for people prone to migraines or other types of persistent headaches. The truth behind fragrances added to many beauty products is that the scents are added to cover up the smells of other chemicals in the same skin cream or similar. Chemical-free skin and beauty products that aren’t fragrance-free are scented with natural essential oils that don’t bring the same undesired side effects.
Reduced Allergies
If you’re anything like some of our Real Purity employees, allergies can be especially miserable this time of year. But while many people are quick to blame pollen from blooming trees, the real culprit is often a set of chemicals in skin care creams, makeup or lotions. These can include ingredients that range from acids and aluminum compounds to fragrances and metals. Switching to products without these irritating ingredients will often reduce allergies and may even eliminate them.
No Hormone Disruptions
A common ingredient added to skin care products is paraben, a chemical formulated to extend the shelf lives of makeup, lotion, anti-aging creams, and many others. Paraben imitates the function of the human body’s endocrine system and can disrupt the secretion of specific hormones. Side effects can include metabolism changes, problems with insulin balances and even higher susceptibility to development of diabetes and breast cancer.
Whether you’re buying a product that uses the word “natural” on its label or not, we recommend always checking the ingredients and deciding for yourself whether or not that product is a fit for you and your family. For more information on specific ingredients & their toxicity levels, head to http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ for a third party opinion.
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