How Can Your Immune System Reap The Benefits of Natural Skin Care?

The Real Purity Team
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Your immune system thrives on fresh, nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, and good-for-you fats from foods like olives and avocados. These foods help your immune system operate at optimum capacity to protect you from infections and other serious illnesses.
However, when your diet is lacking in these elements due to an inadequate diet, stress and/or pollution, your body reacts by producing toxic, unbalanced molecules known as “free radicals”, upsetting both your immune system…and your beauty routine.
So how can your immune system reap the benefits of natural skin care, if your diet doesn't always reach the best standards? Read on to find out.
Natural Beauty Products and Your Immune System
Although that we often consume most of our nutrients through healthy foods, it’s possible to also benefit from these nutrients when they are applied topically. Below, we’ve listed a few examples of the best ingredients you can use in your routine.
Aloe vera, which can be used internally or externally, contains vitamin A, five B vitamins, vitamin C, E and folic acid, as well as minerals including calcium, zinc and chromium. This immune booster provides a myriad of benefits from relieving minor skin irritations to lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics, according to WebMD.
Essential oils are another example of ingredients that contain benefit the immune system with applied topically through skin care and cosmetics. Almond oil, for instance, reduces inflammation, soothes excessively dry skin, acts as an anti-oxidant and also aids the liver in eliminating toxins. Other essential oils, like Bay laurel, Cinnamon leaf, Eucalyptus globulus, Frankincense, Oregano and Sage, inhibit microbial growth, eliminate excess toxins in the body, soothe inflammation, and promote digestion.
Shea butter, a common natural ingredient in body washes, soaking bath crystals, hand lotions and shampoos, is another ingredient that is easily absorbed into your skin and contains vitamin A, which helps repair overly dry and cracked skin.
With the above tips and additional research on your own, hopefully you now have a better idea of how natural skin care and cosmetics products can benefit your immune system.
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