High Temps Stink, But You Don't Need To

The Real Purity Team

We all know it’s hot outside, thanks for soaring summer temperatures. But if you’re concerned about aluminum in your deodorant and you’re ready to make the switch, then how can you be sure that you aren’t going to stink? Read now to see why you don’t need to smell in summertime.
Contrary to popular belief for deodorant makers (and users), aluminum is not an essential mineral. It is found only in small amounts in plant and animal tissues and does not occur in nature by itself, but in combination with other compounds. Since it is not abundant in plant or animal-based foods, where does it come from into the average person’s life?
Today, aluminum is found in everything from food additives and aspirin to kitchen pots, auto-mechanic parts, and yes – deodorant. Why do antiperspirants contain aluminum? Aluminum compounds help control sweat by plugging up the glands underneath your arms, keeping you from both stinking and sweating. What many don’t realize, however, is that these sweat glands aren’t supposed to be plugged. Your body uses these glands to naturally cool off and eliminate heat from your working muscle and are critical to your body’s function.
However, as natural as it might be, sweating is still not an incredibly attractive feature of one’s body. So if you’re thinking about sticking with your aluminum-saturated deodorant, think about this:
Recent studies connect aluminum toxicity to Alzheimer’s disease, senility, and other brain problems. In Alzheimer’s disease, increased aluminum causes “tangles” in the brain, so the connections between brain cells are reduced. While the studies are not conclusive, they have been enough to cause people to begin to search for other alternatives to aluminum-containing products. Read more about the sources of aluminum and potential concerns here.
Now, does this mean you have to constantly perspire and stink, because a great natural, aluminum-free deodorant doesn’t exist? Absolutely not! In fact, we have several deodorants that are all effective and specifically designed for sensitive skin. You can see our newest batch of Certified Organic deodorants here (particularly our High Heat blend) or check out our 5-star Roll-On Deodorant here.
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