Don’t Ruin The Season With Toxic Summer Products

The Real Purity Team
Wondering what toxic summer products to avoid this season? Read on for some of the biggest offenders and possible alternatives.
Bug Spray
Ingredient To Avoid: DEET
While bug sprays can be an effective way to prevent mosquito-born diseases, like malaria, dengue fever and West Nile, most also use DEET as an active ingredient. The dangers of DEET can range from mild to severe, including everything from redness and irritation to difficulty breathing, insomnia and even neurological damage.
Avoid the danger and still keep the bugs at bay with natural bug sprays, like Real Purity’s Herbal Insect & Bug Repellent, or even homemade recipes, like these recommended at the Wellness Mama blog.
Tanning Lotion & Spray On Tans
Ingredient To Avoid:  Dihydroxyacetone (DHA)
In some instances, DHA was found to alter “genes of multiple types of cells and organisms,” according to this ABC News article. While research is still being done on this particular chemical, doctors recommend covering your mouth and nose to prevent DHA from entering the lungs and getting into the bloodstream if you do choose a sunless tanning option.
Thinking that you’d like to skip the sunless options and hop outside and take advantage of natural sunlight? Invest in a non-toxic sunscreen, like Real Purity’s Zinc Oxide Sunscreen (SPF 15).
Weed Remover
Ingredient To Avoid: Polyethoxylated Tallowamine (POEA) and other inert ingredients
In an article posted at about the dangers of weed killer – specifically, the inert mixtures in products like RoundUp – it was found that, “One specific inert ingredient, polyethoxylated tallowamine, or POEA, was more deadly to human embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells than the herbicide itself – a finding the researchers call “astonishing.” Scientists went on to argue that the proprietary mixtures available on the market today could cause cell damage and even death at the residual levels found on RoundUp treated crops.
If you’re looking to avoid these types of weed killers on the market, check out this article for 9 non-toxic tips for killing weeds in your garden.
Waterproof Mascara:
Ingredient To Avoid: Methylparaben, Butylparabe and Benzyl Alcohol
Waterproof Mascara can be a lifesaver when you’re afraid of your mascara running in the hot weather – but is it really worth it when you have to coat your eyelashes in Methylparaben, Butylparabe and Benzyl Alcohol? Not only are these ingredients often irritating to your eyes, but there’s evidence that they can disrupt hormones and could increase the risk of certain cancers.
Not sure if you love your waterproof mascara? Try a shade from Real Purity’s Mascara collection, a group of non-irritating mascara shades that will lengthen lashes and easily wipe away at the end of the day.