From Real Purity's Makeup Consultant: 3 Looks For Summer

Rachael Pfenninger, Contributing Writer
3 Looks For Summer Fixed Blog Photo
Shake up your seasonal routine with these 3 looks for summer, provided by Real Purity's Makeup Consultant. Like these ideas, but not sure they'll all work for you? Check out our Consultation page, where you'll receive a 20% off code for your next order along with recommendations for which products will work best for you.
Daytime Look:
Hibiscus Lipstick hibiscus swatch Icy Rose Eye Shadow Icy-Rose-Eyeshadow-Full-Size
 & White Shimmer Highlight White-Shimmer-Eyeshadow-Full-SizeParfait Powder BlushParfait-PowderBlush-Full-Size
This daytime look is the perfect complement for cool skin. Hibiscus Lipstick (a light, frosty pink - similar to cover picture) blends well with Icy Rose Eye Shadow (a rosey-pink with a light sparkle) and Parfait Powder Blush, a medium pink that will give the wearer a rosey look.
Evening Look:  
Purple Passion Lipstick purple-passion swatchCharcoal Eye Shadow Charcoal-Eyeshadow-Full-Size
 & White Shimmer Highlight White-Shimmer-Eyeshadow-Full-SizeFrosted Orchid Powder BlushFrosted-Orchid-PowderBlush-Full-Size
Go bold with this nighttime look for cool skin. Purple passion (a medium purple shade) creates a bold lip look, while Charcoal Eye Shadow accents your eyes. Frosted Orchid Powder Blush provides a complement to the overall look while highlighting the cheekbones.
Daytime Look:  
Cinnamon Lipstick cinnamon swatchOlive Eye Shadow Olive-Eyeshadow-Full-Size
 & White Shimmer Highlight White-Shimmer-Eyeshadow-Full-SizePeachwood Powder BlushPeachwood-PowderBlush-Full-Size
If your skin is warmer, these colors will blend well for a daytime look. Cinnamon Lipstick (a peachy-brown that slides on with shimmer), provides a rich lip that goes well with our Olive Green Eye Shadow. For an extra touch, highlight the top of your eyelid in White Shimmer and emphasize the cheekbones with Peachwood Powder Blush (a warm, peachy brown).
Evening Look:
Espresso Lipstick espresso swatchChocolate Eye Shadow Chocolate-Eyeshadow-Full-Size
 & Vanilla Eye Shadow Highlight  Vanilla-Eyeshadow-Full-SizeBronze Powder BlushBronze-PowderBlush-Full-Size
Darken your look for nighttime with Real Purity's Espresso Lipstick, a shimmery, dark brown. Complement dark lips with a dark eyelid with our Chocolate Eye Shadow, highlighted with our Vanilla shade, and our Bronze Powder Blush, a beautiful, medium brown.