Cool or Warm: How To Pick Your Skin Tone

Rachael Pfenninger, Contributing Writer
When there are dozens of lipsticks, powder blushes, foundations and eye shadows to choose from, picking the right combination of cosmetics can be an overwhelming task – especially if you don’t even know whether or not you have a warm or cool skin tone.
Wondering how to pick your skin tone so that you can start selecting the right cosmetics to go along with it? Read below to see these tips (original article at
The “White” Towel Test: Wear a pure white towel or bathrobe and wrap your hair in another white towel in your bathroom and look at your skin in a mirror (the white helps the color under your skin be more pronounced). If your skin looks blue-ish, you have cool undertones. If it looks yellow-ish, you have warm undertones.
The Jewelry Test: Hold a silver piece of jewelry as well as a gold piece against your skin. Trying not to think about taste preferences, which one looks better? If the silver looks more harmonious on your skin, you probably have cool undertones. If the gold looks better, it’s like that your skin has warm undertones.
Still not sure? Try The Sunlight Test: Go out in the sunlight and look at the veins on your underarm. If your veins look blue-ish or blue-purple, you have cool undertones. If they look yellow or green, you have warm undertones.
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