Why You’re Supposed to Stink (And the Natural Deodorant You Can Use Anyway):

The Real Purity Team
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At the first sign of wetness, we totally panic. And no matter whether we’re perspiring from heat, nervousness or activity, that perspiration can often lead to body odor.
Covering up body odor was not always a societal norm. In fact, although forms of deodorants and antiperspirants were invented as early as the 1800s, neither were extraordinarily popular until the 1940s and the 1950s.
In order to avoid becoming an “onerously odorous outcast”, men and women have resorted to aerosol antiperspirants, roll on deodorants, powders, and perfume to avoid the smell that lurks behind every sweating man or woman. However, over time, we’ve realized that many antiperspirants contain chemicals that aren’t healthy for your body or skin.
Even though being fresh and odor free has become an obsession for our society, the truth is that we could not survive without our perspiration. Not only does it eliminate toxins from our systems, but it regulates our body temperature, cooling us as moisture evaporates. Even body odor may also play a purpose. Since body odor develops during adolescence, some researchers believe some naturally produced scents contain pheromones, chemicals that contribute to sexual attraction. According to James Duke, Ph.D & author of the Green Pharmacy,"scientists have known for a long time that pheromones do play a principal role in animal mating. But until fairly recently these chemicals had no amorous effect on us humans. Now studies have demonstrated that pheromones do indeed play a subtle, but very real role in human attraction."
So, we know this. We know that we must perspire, because it’s a natural part of our body’s ability to function. We also know that we all have our own scent, and it plays at least one important purpose in our lives. But, when the odor starts to be too much, it’s time to take action - and for that, there is natural deodorant.
Recently, there’s been a lot of information about the potential harmful effects of ingredients in many deodorants and antiperspirants. If you’re wondering what specific ingredients to avoid, this article lists five of the most toxic chemicals that you should be avoiding in deodorant, while this article does a great job of listing why. In the meantime, though, what will eliminate that stink and keep your armpits free from embracing toxicity?
Real Purity’s deodorants are made without any parabens, alcohol or aluminum compounds. They also have no chemicals, additives or artificial fragrances and are made of 100% organic products. If you want to keep away that stink, we recommend our Natural Stick Deodorant for Women, and another for Men. If you want to go with something tried and true, you can also check out our Roll On Deodorant, our most popular product for the last two decades.
Whatever you decide to use, try to remember that if you stink, your body probably has a reason. Just don't forget that since we're living in the 21st Century, you can always visit us for a solution.