Is Toothpaste Making You Stupid (Part II)

The Real Purity Team
There are many items in our bathroom cabinets that we try to keep natural and organic. Lotions that soak into your skin. Mascara that you sweep over your eyelashes. Even deodorant, which has been under serious scrutiny after active ingredients, like aluminum compounds, have been linked to the development of estrogen and breast cancer. But how often do you consider the danger of not using an organic toothpaste?
Based on overwhelming data from the Harvard School of Public Health, UNICEF (the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund), The Environmental Protection Agency's Union of Scientists, and The National Academia's of Science, the truth is that many mainstream toothpastes contains a danger we should be more educated about – fluoride.
There are two types of fluoride. The first is natural and is called calcium fluoride, and isn’t normally absorbed by our body in significant amounts. Unfortunately, this isn’t the form of fluoride that’s typically included in toothpaste. Instead, most toothpastes use fluorosilicic acid, and it is derived not from nature, but from industry.
Not surprisingly, this version is much more toxic, and there has been data linking fluorosilicic acid to a bevy of dangers: thyroid issues, osteoporosis, immune dysfunction, and premature aging of the heart, liver, brain, skin, pancreas, and arteries. There are also reports of adverse effects on reproductive health, birth defects and yes – even your IQ.
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