Our 3 Favorite Benefits Of Honey Use

The Real Purity Team
Sweeten Your Lifestyle With These 3 Perks of Honey Use
Often referred to as liquid gold, honey is a representation of nature's genius. Through the dutiful work of honeybees and the pure nectar of flowers, honey is skillfully birthed into the world. Yet, although honey can be traced back to ancient civilizations, many are still unaware of the bountiful uses of Mother Nature's nectarous gift. More than just a sweetener, honey authenticates its "liquid gold" reputation in a variety of notable ways. Read below to see what our favorite benefits of honey are.

  1. Honey is a fantastic healer. Early civilizations were known to revere honey because of its magnificent healing properties. In modern times, health professionals, scientists, and holistic practitioners have charted just how effective honey is as a cure for certain ailments. In fact, manuka honey (the basis of medihoney) is widely used as a treatment for wounds, including burns and cuts. Those coming down with the flu or a cold are able to take solace in the fact that honey also acts as a natural suppressant to coughs, and soothes sore throats. Lastly, due to its antibacterial features, honey is a likely choice for those who seek a natural antiseptic.
  2. Honey is a great cleanser and moisturizer for the skin. The antimicrobial power of honey acts as a strong cleanser when used on the skin, as it gallantly fights off bacteria. Honey is also an organic moisturizer that increases water retention in skin, reduces dryness, and due to its slight acidity, helps the skin's pH balance. Used in tandem with a natural face scrub or body wash, honey truly works to rejuvenate the skin. Check out these do it yourself honey masks to try it for yourself (recipes for all skin types included).
  3. Honey works wonders on hair. Those who use honey in their hair care routine, are aware of the magic that it holds. As a conditioner, honey attracts moisture, provides beneficial nutrients and antioxidants, works to seal split ends, and promotes a healthy scalp, which is vital for overall hair health. As an effective hair mask or conditioner, honey is often used on its own, mixed with other natural ingredients, or added to an natural conditioner (like Real Purity's Fragrance- Free Moisturizing Conditioner).

Although the uses for this particular ingredient are many and varied, these are just a few of our favorite benefits of honey. Stock up at your local farmers market today to reap its benefits and support your local production at the same time!