What Makes Shampoo Lather?

The Real Purity Team
There are many benefits to using bath & body products that we take for granted – and when it comes to shampoos, the fact that they lather is one of them. Because lathering is so often a part of the “washing hair” experience, it can be startling to switch to a natural shampoo that doesn’t.
Read on to see what makes shampoo lather and why it shouldn’t play a role in which one you pick.
Shampoo lathers because it contains chemical compounds called surfactants (surface active agents), which lower the surface tension between two liquids – in this case, the shampoo coming from the bottle and the water coming from your shower.
What role do surfactants play in shampoo? Typically, they have the ability to both attract and repel liquids – in this case, they repel water while attracting sebum (oil secreted by your scalp). Although sebum is necessary for healthy, shiny hair, it also attracts dirt like a magnet, which means we’re usually interested in removing it as efficiently as possible. This chemical reaction is what causes the by-product of lather from your shampoo use.
Now, the real question - is the lather created by this chemical reaction necessary for cleanliness? Absolutely not! Although surfactants are one way to remove excess sebum, they are also often allergens, capable of over-drying your scalp and seriously irritating your skin. The lather itself plays no role in how clean your hair gets; in fact, there are a variety of other essential oils and extracts that cause no lather, but will do a better job of cleaning your hair and moisturizing your scalp without the irritation caused by surfactants like sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) or cocamide DEA, MEA or TEA.
Wondering what essential oils you can turn to? Try out blends like the Real Purity Hair Repair Shampoo, which includes horsetail and yarrow extracts (to strengthen hair strands) and ginseng and sage essential oils (which ensure better hair growth and less hair loss). For moisturizing properties that still clean efficiently, try out a formula like Real Purity's Moisturizing Shampoo (Fragrance-Free), which uses calendula oil and aloe vera gel to both moisturize and soothe irritated skin. If you struggle with particularly oily hair, you can even turn to options like our Chamomile Shampoo for Oily Hair, which uses chamomile oil to cleanse and brighten.
Our bathtime ritual can be sacred, and it can be alarming to try out new products that don’t do what others have always done. But we can assure you that going natural doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Try out some of our shampoos today with code TWENTYOFF, valid for all items listed in the Bath & Body category. Expires Friday, September 16th, 2016 at midnight (PST).