Summertime Skin Care (& $1 Samples!)

The Real Purity Team

You may find that with the changing seasons, your moisturizer isn’t as effective as it once was. For instance, your skin may become more oily in the warmer months, making your moisturizer for dehydrated skin unsuitable. Alternatively, if your job or your hobbies force you to spend more time in the sun, you may find your skin needs more moisture than normal. And if years of sun damage are showing on your skin, you won’t want a daytime cream at all; instead, you might prefer a specialty facial cream designed for wrinkles and damaged, pigmented skin.
Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the most impactful ingredients in each of our Real Purity facial creams so that you can decide which one might be the most suitable for you this summer. Not sure you’re ready to commit? Check out our facial cream samples page now, where each sample is only $1, and get your summertime skin care routine in place.
Facial Food Daily Nourishing Facial Food Cream – if you’re spending more time than ever outside, then it might be time to provide your skin with more moisture. This daytime cream, best for dehydrated skin, uses fennel to soothes, tone and cleans skin while reversing excess sebum production. Get the sample here.
Night Revitalizer Facial Cream - in this formula (a nighttime cream designed for dehydrated skin) we love Marine Collagen, which provides three amino acids crucial to the buildup of collagen fibers, providing skin with optimal hydration and firmness. Get the sample here.
Daily Balancing Facial Cream – this daytime cream for normal-to-oily skin uses organic coconut oil to retain moisture and soften skin, while safflower oil prevents damage to cell membranes and shea butter leaves skin more supple. Get the sample here.
Light Moisture Facial Cream - This all-in-one facial cream is great for those who need just a touch of moisture and don’t typically have oily or dehydrated skin. Here, organic safflower seed oil promotes the elasticity of the skin while comfrey root extract strengthens skin tissues and regenerates skin cells. Get the sample here.
Anti-Aging Dragon Fruit Facial Cream – how can we highlight any ingredient other than dragon fruit extract, listed here in one of our favorite anti-aging facial creams? This particular ingredient reverses the signs of aging by slowing down cell proliferation, giving cells more time to develop their protection functions. This ingredient also helps protect the sun from sun damage by limiting your skin’s exposure to free radicals. Get the sample here.
Pure Youth Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Facial Cream – If you’re worried less about free radicals and more about wrinkles, then this is the cream to turn to. Here, jojoba seed oil stimulates new cell growth and improves the elasticity and suppleness of your skin, while blue green algae and aloe vera clear toxins and nourish skin. Get the sample here.
Eye and Throat Cream – If you find crows feet creeping up on you, then it’s time to include our Eye & Throat Cream in your summertime skin care routine. Here, peony root heals skin damaged by free radicals and UV rays. Get the sample here.
Rejuvenate Nighttime Facial Cream – for normal to oily skin, picking a nighttime cream can be tricky. We recommend going for this gentle cream, which pairs marine collage (for hydration and firmness) with organic olive, grape seed and castor oils, which nourishes and protects skin. Get the sample here.