Can You Restore Your Skin's Moisture From The Inside Out?

The Real Purity Team
Many of us are constantly fighting a battle against dry skin. We use moisturizers, exfoliators, expensive skin treatments and supplements to try to restore a loss of moisture so frequently that we hardly think dry skin is unusual.
But what if dry skin wasn’t always an eventuality, but a result of the choices we make in our everyday life? Although moisture loss can result from external factors out of our control, including hormonal shifts, external aggressors like high winds and excessive sun or even the humidity in your home, it can also easily result from beverage and diet choices. Take steps to restore your skin's moisture from the inside out by reading the tips below.
Fix The Problem From the Inside Out: Understanding that certain beverages can aggravate dryness could be your first step towards replenishing your skin’s moisture. For instance, alcohol is one of beverage that can quickly suck moisture from your skin. While many men and women enjoy winding down with a beer or their favorite cocktail, they don’t realize that the habitual consumption of alcohol may have detrimental effects to your skin.
Because alcohol is a diuretic, it causes the body to flush moisture via urination. This is water that would have manifested itself in the healthy formation of skin. Coffee, like alcohol, is another natural diuretic that many consume on a daily basis. Removing these beverages from our diet or (limiting their consumption) could easily be the first step towards improving the health of your skin.
Skin dryness can also result from a diet low in “good fats”, like omega-3 fatty acids. If you’re finding that your skin is especially dry and flaky, it might be time to incorporate omega-3-rich foods in your diet. These can include items like salmon, mackerel, tofu, walnuts, flaxseeds, soybeans or even orange juice.
Still struggling with dry skin? Breakup skin cells with natural products. Many lotions, moisturizers and exfoliators are designed to temporarily relieve dry skin, and require constant re-application. If you are unable or unwilling to change your diet, try out products that are free from chemicals (which could further dry out your skin) and focus on lotions with moisture-rich essential oils. If you aren’t sure what’s best for your skin type, a good selection to start with could include grapeseed oil, argan oil, peppermint oil, carrot seed oil, and/or olive oil. You can read more about these oils at this link.
Over time, dead skin cells (the cells that make up dry skin) can buildup and become unresponsive to treatments, moisturizers, and lotions. In order for your treatments to effectively do its job, remove the dead skin that is creating a blockage. Following the diet recommendations above will help relieve not only many dry skin challenges, but could improve your skin’s responsiveness to the lotions you do use when you need an extra boost.
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