Reap The Benefits of Green Tea When Applied Topically

The Real Purity Team
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Reap The Benefits of Topically Applied Green Tea
Green tea has been a hallmark of many cultures, and is most frequently enjoyed alone or with sugar as a warm or cool drink. Many have found that regular consumption can even reduce inflammatory responses and help people to manage discomfort and pain. Other benefits of green tea include improving neurological functions, energizing the body, and fighting against the formation of free radicals that can ultimately lead to the formation of cancer.
However, you can also reap the benefits of green tea by applying it topically. Read below to see some our favorites.
A green tea toner can help soothe sunburns. Burning up after a day out in the sun? Use green tea to jumpstart the healing process. Pop your green tea toner in the freezer to cool it, then apply to the sun burned area. The habitual application of green tea will help reduce the inflammation.
Green tea can help reduce puffy eyes. Green tea is extraordinarily mild, so it is suitable to be used on delicate areas. If you find that you suffer from puffy, dark eyes in the morning, then apply a bit of a green tea with a cotton ball. Green tea has small amounts of caffeine. The caffeine constricts the blood vessels underneath the skin, effectively eliminating puffiness and darkness on the eye area.
Reduce inflammation from shaving. Shaving is a highly perilous act. If you shave in the wrong direction or use poor technique, then you can experience inflammation that can potentially last for days. The tannins in the green tea work to provide immediate relief from cuts and razor burns.
Manage rosacea with green tea. A small study has found that the active ingredient in green tea can help individuals manage rosacea. Many users will find a reduction in inflammatory lesions.
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