Meet Lavender & Peppermint

The Real Purity Team

The many health benefits of essential oils are finding their way into the spotlight as new research is conducted to substantiate their uses.  In the instances of lavender & peppermint oils, this is particularly beneficial as their side effects are few and far between and their potential is limitless.
Lavender Oil: Lavender, also known as Lavandula angustifolia, is a remarkably prevalent and often-used oil in body care, skin care and aromatherapy practices. Its ability to soothe, calm and improve sleeping patterns is well-known and commonly accepted – even better, it’s backed by studies like this one. But what are lavender’s other benefits? In addition to being an excellent remedy to insomnia and anxiety, using lavender in some of your skincare and bodycare items can relieve persistent, uncomfortable acne and can also be rubbed onto aching, sore muscles for some relief. But don’t be fooled by these topical applications – studies also link lavender aromatherapy to the improvement of coronary circulation, particularly in groups of men. Using lavender in your hair care can even boost hair growth and keep lice at bay, saving you from soaking your head (or your kids’) in pesticides and irritating lice shampoos.
So, is lavender the only essential oil we recommend you stock up? Definitely not! If you’re interested in lavender, then peppermint oil is also worth checking out. A natural cross between water mint and spearmint, the National Institute of Health links its consumption to improvement in IBS symptoms, nausea, tension headaches and even the common cold. Unlike lavender, peppermint oil should be used carefully in skin care, as it can cause some skin irritation. It’s also not as safe for children due to its menthol content, so it should be used carefully (particularly through application to your children's skin).
Overall, ingredients like lavender and peppermint responsibly can be incredibly beneficial to your health. Whether you embrace each oil’s aromatherapy benefits or seek out products that use these ingredients in their base, integrating natural ingredients into your daily routine can be a vehicle for inner peace and daily pampering.  Whatever products you decide to stock up on, keep in mind our one message - you deserve it.
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