Is Coconut Oil Worth The Winter Hype?

The Real Purity Team
Many see coconut oil as the darling of the natural care industry. But, as we ease into the winter season, we have to ask ourselves - is coconut oil worth the winter hype?
The short answer to this question is simple for most of our team – yes! But we urge you to remember that not every oil works for every hair and skin type. If you’re wondering whether it will work for you, see our list of favorite uses in wintertime below.
Frizzing hair and dandruff relief
Because coconut oil has a 12-carbon fatty acid structure that allows easy absorption by the hair cuticle (providing flexibility and strength) it can be the perfect complement to the right kind of hair. If your hair frizzes easily, a dab of oil rubbed between your hands will smooth the fly-aways out. If you also suffer from a flaky scalp, you can go even further, rubbing the oil into the roots of your hair, leaving soothed skin and the pleasant scent of coconut behind.
Soothing chapped lips and cuticles
Do your lips or cuticles chronically chap when the temperature drops? All you need is a swipe of coconut oil for a quick, protective moisture across your lips or the beds of your cuticles.
If you want to make your lip balm tasty as well as moisturizing, we love this article at the Hippy Homemaker blog that lists three easy, DIY lip balm flavors.
Sugar scrub
When the holidays have ended and winter remains, it’s easy to feel your mood begin to lag. If you’re starting to feel like you deserve a soothing, fresh smelling treat, a sugar scrub is an easy way to whip one up for yourself.
All you need is your regular sugar, a little bit of coconut oil, and a few drops of (optional!) essential oil. For the full recipe, check out this article at
Sensitive, eczema-ridden skin
The fatty acid content in coconut oil can be particularly soothing and moisturizing to sensitive, easily irritated and eczema-ridden skin. If even the most “natural” lotions are bothersome or irritating, it might be time to pick up a tub of coconut oil to try.
While we’re the first ones to proclaim our love for coconut oil, there will always be some things that are just too tough to make yourself. If you’re looking for the perfect cosmetics, body or skin care solution, look no further than the Real Purity product line.