Benefits of Sesame Seeds and Sesame Seed Oil

The Real Purity Team
Sesame oil and sesame seeds are one of those food items that often get overlooked in the health department. In Ayurvedic medicine, also known as Ayurveda, sesame oil is considered to be the “Queen of Oils” because of the health benefits it offers.  Both sesame oil and sesame seeds can be used for health and wellness, as well as skin and beauty. Read on to learn  more about the benefits of sesame seeds and sesame seed oil.
Sesame oil can and should be included in your daily skincare regime. To start, sesame oil contains Vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. It helps with scar reduction, rashes, and aging by strengthening the tone of the skin and protecting it from free radicals. Sesame oil is a natural free-radical blocker that prevents UV rays from damaging the skin, thus helping fight wrinkles and pigmentation. Rashes can also be combatted with sesame oil because it penetrates deep in the skin to help the body eliminate impurities through the lymphatic system and blood stream. This makes it an excellent solution for acne, psoriasis, and eczema.
In addition to your skin, sesame oil can be great for your hair, scalp and even your teeth. For example, massaging it into your scalp will strengthen and shine your locks, while also relieving dry scalps and dandruff. To help your oral hygiene, you can turn instead to oil pulling. This is a natural Ayurvedic method for oral health to reduce plaque, prevent cavities, and whiten. It will safely and gently remove toxins that develop over time.
Beauty often comes from the inside out, which is why it’s equally important to incorporate sesame seeds in your daily diet as well as your daily beauty routine. Because they’re high in protein and fiber, ingesting sesame seeds can help improve digestion. Sesamol, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound found in sesame seeds, is also good for general heart health, because they contain phytosterols, which block cholesterol production. And it doesn’t stop there - magnesium content in these little seeds can help reduce blood pressure, which in turn can help treat and prevent diabetes, and hypersensitive diabetics can even benefit from eating sesame seeds because they help improve plasma glucose.
It’s hard to believe that these tiny, little seeds can be so beneficial to our health and wellness. Next time you’re at the grocery store, don’t hesitate to give it a try so you can see for yourself what they can do for you!
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