Healing With Beeswax: Uses and Concerns

The Real Purity Team
Cosmetic and skin care products use a variety of waxes in their products – Real Purity alone uses Candellia and Carnuba Wax (both sourced from plants) in a large number of our products. Today, however, we’re going to talk a little bit about beeswax.
According to this article on cosmeticsinfo.org, most of the commercial beeswax you see in your products today comes from the bees of the genus Apis. This beeswax is traditionally white, but due to natural impurities can appear somewhere between light yellow and dark brown. Bees create this wa by using the glands on their bellies to secrete a waxy substance, which they mold into hexagonal units.
Why is this important? While beeswax is an excellent emollient, it also provides a wide array of remedial properties when it comes to skin and body care. Read on to see some of the healing properties of this remarkable substance (along with some concerns that you may want to bear in mind when healing with beeswax).
Healing With Beeswax
If you’re looking for an ingredient that provides antimicrobial properties, look no further than this scientific paper titled The Antimicrobial Activity of Honey, Bee Pollen Loads and Beeswax from Slovakia. Results from this study analyzed the antimicrobial effects of Slovakian bee products and discovered that crude beeswax showed antibacterial and anti-fungal activity against several bacterial strains. This antimicrobial property would presumably make beeswax an excellent ingredient in skin care and hygiene products.
The abstract of another paper, entitled Anti-ulcer Activity of Higher Primary Alcohols of Beeswax, seems to also suggest that certain types of alcohols extracted from beeswax are effective in treating gastric ulcers. An article on WebMD also points out that beeswax is believed to lower cholesterol and to alleviate pain.
Concerns of Beeswax
There’s no question that some of the benefits of beeswax are undeniable. However, if you’re planning to integrate beeswax into your cosmetic and skin care routine, keep note of these facts. According to a report on the website of the United States Food and Drug Administration, beeswax may contain pollen that could trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive people. With any cosmetic, body care and/or skin care item, you should always test it in small quantities first and consult with a physician if you see any negative reaction.
Although beeswax is edible, it doesn't appear to be easily digestible. Therefore, it isn't advisable to eat beeswax in large quantities.
Lastly, if you’ve embraced the vegan lifestyle, you might be concerned about the presence of beeswax and honey, a related ingredient, in the cosmetic and personal care products. According to this article at PETA.org, there is concern that bees are mishandled and mistreated within their colonies, particularly at large, commercial bee farms.
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