Grab That Brew: 7 Benefits Of Moderate Beer Drinking

The Real Purity Team
The holiday season can be stressful (especially when you begin it with hyper-spending during Black Friday and Cyber Monday). That’s why we say that even though the holiday season has just arrived, we think it’s time to kick back for a few days, turn up the holiday music and crack open that brewski you already deserve.
Now, of course over-imbibing can adversely affect your health – but that doesn’t mean you have to feel guilt-laden over your occasional beverage of choice. Read on to learn more about these 7 benefits of moderate beer drinking.
Heart-HealthyBone Density
  • Increases bone density by about 4.5 percent
  • Beer decreases osteoporosis development, an important benefit for women as they age
  • Hops and barley are the some of the best sources for bone building and maintenance nutrients
Lowers Kidney Stone Risk
  • One daily beer lowers risk by 40 percent**
  • Increased hydration keeps kidneys functioning smoothly
  • Beer hops slow down calcium release from bones that is reabsorbed by kidneys, helping to prevent painful stones
Workout RecoveryDental Health 
This holiday season, you should be able to relax. That's why we've provided these 7 benefits of moderate drinking, which should let you feel a little less guilty about that beer you grab when you get home. However, please remember to always drink responsibly. You can always find other ways to destress, like exercising and taking control of your spending this holiday season. And at the end of the day, remember to kick back and relax - because you deserve it!
*Moderate beer drinking equates to one pink of beer a day for woman, two pints of beer a day for men. Please note that none of the points described in this article have been drafted or collected by a medical professional. We always recommend acting in moderation and researching what's best for you and your body
**Kidney stone risk drops only when paired with extensive hydration and moderate drinking. Please be cautious, as excessive drinking can cause irreversible damage to your kidneys & liver
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