Give the Gift of Natural Body Scrubs

The Real Purity Team
Give The Gift Of All-Natural Body Scrubs
The holiday season is upon us, and many of us are embracing gift-giving opportunities. But as a lover of all things naturally made, what gift will be sure to wow your friends, your wallet and your lifestyle? Read below to see why giving the gift of natural body scrubs could be the perfect fit for you.
Why gift natural body scrubs?
During the holiday season, body scrubs can battle stressed, cracked skin by exfoliating and improving its tone and vibrancy. When it’s time for a tired friend or relative to put her feet up, using a scented natural body scrub in the bath can also be the perfect way for her to relax and improve jer mood. And what’s the biggest benefit of all? Making a body scrub is a simple process that will take hardly any time, costs very little, and is easily customizable.
Salt or Sugar? Whether you use salt or sugar, you want to make sure you procure the best ingredients. Most use sea salt for the salt scrub, as it is less processed than table salt and sea salt contains more minerals. For a sugar scrub, you can use either brown or white sugar. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that sugar scrubs are less abrasive than salt scrubs so if your intended recipient has sensitive skin, sugar is the best choice.
Creating Your Base: Next, you’ll need one base oil (also known as a carrier oil) such as Almond, Grape Seed or Hazelnut Oil. The base oil will keep everything together, and the oils listed here won’t leave a greasy residue behind.
Choosing The Best Scents: In addition to a carrier oil, you’ll also want to choose essential oils whose scents will compliment the recipient. Scents like Lavender and Rosemary will ease anxiety and encourage relaxation, while others like Wild Orange or Lemon can quickly enhance moods.
What Amounts Should You Use? Wondering what amounts you should use of each ingredient? You'll want to start with a cup of sugar or salt, about a 1/3 cup of the base oil, and then around 10-20 drops of the essential oil. Feel free to experiment first to get your mixtures and smells right, but remember – half of what you’re gifting will be the love you put into making these natural body scrubs.
Love the idea of gifting natural body care products, but not sure you have the time to make them?
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Happy holidays!