4 Easy Ways To Get Younger Looking Skin

The Real Purity Team
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Keeping your skin young and healthy isn’t always easy – especially as we age. However, once you start being intentional about using products and ingredients appropriate for your skin, they are many easy ways to maintain its beauty. Read on for 4 easy ways to get younger looking skin.
Use A Gentle Facial Cleanser
Many of us use a facial cleanser during our routine – but if you’re using one with harsh chemicals, you might be drying out your skin. Instead, switch to a cleanser that’s made from naturally derived ingredients. A few examples include Rose Oil, which can lightly moisturize and reduce skin inflammation and irritation, or Soybean Oil, which has antioxidants that give your skin a youthful and healthy appearance.
A Moisturizer That Protects Your Skin From Sun Damage
Because sun damage can be a critical feature of aging skin, we recommend sticking with facial moisturizers that have some kind of moisturizing element and protection from UV rays. Ingredients like Dragon Fruit Extract not only reverse signs of aging, but also protect skin from the free radicals caused by sun exposure, while others Aloe Vera Extract and Mango Butter sooth inflamed skin and trap moisture.
A Sensitive But Effective Eye Cream
Although many wrinkles are earned through laughter and a life well lived, many women would still rather smooth some of them away. Look for eye creams with some kind Shea Butter, which can restore elasticity and smoothness to your skin, or Lavender Oil, which can control excessive oil production and leave your skin fresh and toned. Peony Root Extract is another favorite of ours, because it can gently brighten skin while healing the effects of free radicals and UV rays.
Stick To High Quality Essential Oils
Every company has a marketing spin on their products, but none of them can argue against the value of a high quality essential oils. For example, look for any skin care product with Bergamot (an oil that can decrease oil production and even skin tone imbalances), Geranium (an excellent solution to combat acne, skin discoloration or the forming of fine lines), or Jasmine (which can rehydrate dry and cracked skin, worn from aging).
Looking for suggestions on products with some of the above ingredients? Try out three of our favorites: 
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