Best Buys At The Local Fall Farmers Market

The Real Purity Team

When we think of the farmer's market, we usually think of bountiful harvests piled high in the heat of summer; however, fall is an equally important season for harvesting. Each season brings with it a unique variety of produce and handicrafts and fall is no exception. See below which produce and crafted items we think are your best buys at the local fall Farmers Market.
There is a plethora of produce and fun items to buy at the farmers market in the fall. All types of squash, for example, are in season and can be baked alone, used in bread recipes or made into soupApples are also an iconic fall harvest. Because of apples, many fall activities are able to occur such as cider pressing, apple picking, bobbing for apples, as well as making traditional pies and desserts. Vegetables that thrive in cooler temperatures are abundant at the fall farmer's market as well. These include leafy greens such as kale and lettuce, peascarrotsgarlicceleriac, and onions.
Crafted Items:
The bees have been working hard all summer to bring us beeswax and honey at the farmer's market. Bundled herbs are also great to buy at the farmer's market during fall. Farmers are often willing to part with these herbs at lower prices during the fall because it is the end the growing season for many annual herbs. The herbs can be dried for preservation or used fresh. Canned and fermented produce is usually available in abundance at this time. By the time fall is in full swing, farmers have produced so much that it's time to preserve it for next year. Preserved, fermented produce can include pickles, asparagus, garlic, carrots, and peppers, to name a few.
The fall is an important time to visit the farmer's market and stock up on some essential items. It's a good season for root vegetables and preserving food for winter.
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