9 Easy Uses for Orange Peel

The Real Purity Team
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aAre you saving the orange peeling after eating the orange? If not, you should be! Next time you munch on a refreshing orange, think about these super cool and simple tricks to try. Read on to see our 9 easy uses for orange peel.
Boil For Scent: The peels contain high levels of essential oils, which are released when boiled. This allows the essential oils to diffuse into the air, which helps you to relax, and feel more comfortable. The scent of these boiling peels can even work as an anti-depressant.
Body Scrub: The peelings work great on our skin because they’re non-toxic, but just abrasive enough to be used as a body scrub. All you need to do is wrap them up in some cheese cloth and rub them over your skin during showers. This will remove dead skin and promote the blood flow to the surface to increase production of collagen.
Kitchen Tips: Obviously zest can be pulled from orange peelings, but adding them to your brown sugar also helps keeps it fresh. Other kitchen uses? Pop the peelings down the sink disposable to “cleanse” it and remove odors.
Repel Bugs & Mosquitos: Rubbing the inside of the orange peeling on your skin will help to repel bugs and mosquitos.
Use As Kindling: If you’re a camper, check out this suggestion. Save the orange peels, allow them to dry out, then use them as kindling to start your fires. The peelings are highly flammable, yet burn more slowly and steadily than other kindling and your fire will give off a great smell. This will also help to keep bugs away.
Improve Digestion: Ingesting small amounts of orange peeling will help to improve your digestion and calm any indigestion you may have.
Kills Bacteria: The citric acid in oranges kills bacteria, thus chewing on orange peelings helps to regulate the pH of your mouth, freshens your breath and reduces tooth decay and gum disease.
Homemade Cleaner: Make your own homemade household cleaner using orange peel (which has a high acid content) and vinegar. Start with adding orange peels to a mason jar. Cover with white vinegar, and let sit for 2-3 weeks. Strain and dilute with water. Don’t forget that you can also use orange peels (before they dry out) as a natural cleaning sponge.
Sweet Tooth: Use leftover orange peels to make your own candied orange peels. Check out this DIY Candied Orange Peel recipe from Bright Eyed Baker. For extra sweetness, dip the candied orange peels in dark chocolate!
Now that you have these non-toxic tips in hands, you won’t have to trash the orange peel any more!
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