5 Health Benefits of Sweating

The Real Purity Team
5 Health Benefits of Sweating
With summer fun comes a reality we’re all familiar with – excessive and profuse sweating. Whether you’re an athlete out for a job, a mom hustling her kids to and from the pool or a husband setting up the barbecue out back, it’s likely you’ve battled the pervasive sweat that comes with rising temperatures.
Many of us spend a lot of time battling extreme sweat – but how often do we realize that there are actually many health benefits of sweating? Read on to see our list of 5 surprising benefits below.
  1. Controls acne and blemishes. Sweating can actually open up and clear out the built-up dirt from your pores, leaving you with a sweaty sheen that’s actually cleaner than what you started with (just don’t forget to wash your face after you work out, so it doesn’t all settle back in).
  2. Can minimize colds and other kinds of sickness. Some research from Eberhard Karls University Tubingen in Germany argues that sweating actually creates an antimicrobial peptide in response to a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. This information reveals that not only does sweat play a role in the regulation of human skin – it can limit potential infections and sickness.
  3. Acts like a cooling system. You probably always feel hot whenever you start to sweat, but the ironic fact is that sweat is your body’s way of cooling itself down.
  4. Helps you push out toxins and other nasty things. Sweating helps your body rid itself of toxins, including pesticides and heavy metals that we breathe in throughout the day. It also detoxifies your liver, blood and other major organs for the same reason – as your body releases toxins, it improves the function of everything else.
  5. Improves tone and texture of skin. It addition to sweat opening your pores and improving the clarity of your skin (reference points #1 and #4), sweating also encourages the skin to produce more of its natural oils. The combination of these effects will leave your skin toned, supple and healthy.

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