Real Purity Makeup Brush Kit (With Cream Roll-up)


Real Purity's Makeup Brushes Kit includes our Face Powder Brush, our Blush Brush, our Foundation Brush, our Eye Shadow Blending Brush and our Precision Eye Makeup Brush. All five brushes are made with soft and durable fibers and include a handle that is kiln dried close grained hardwood white birch (which comes from a reforestation program). With this brush collection, you also receive a linen roll-up bag, which holds up to 12 makeup brushes.

  • Face Powder Brush features a larger collection of fibers, allowing it to evenly smooth and distribute all over powders and pressed foundations.
  • Blush Brush has a similar feel to the face powder brush, but is smaller, making it more applicable for blushes and bronzers.
  • Foundation Brush allows you to evenly smooth cream foundations and concealers across your skin. For all over use or for targeting problem areas. 
  • Our Eye Shadow Blending Brush is larger than our Precision Eye Makeup Brush and is better for base and/or all-over eye color.
  • Precision Eye Makeup Brush is a smaller size and style, making it ideal for precision blending. 
  • Each brush is handmade with Thailand parts and assembled in the USA. Cruelty-free.


Nylon (fill material), ferrule (matte silver), reforested white birch, linen


Face Powder Brush: Hold gently and pass brush over any all-over powders and pressed foundations. Brush onto a specific area with a smooth stroke. Repeat as needed. 

Blush Brush: Pass brush over any check & brown powder, blush or bronzer. Brush onto a specific area with a smooth stroke. Repeat as needed. 

Foundation BrushWith a small amount of foundation dabbed onto the end of the brush, pass brush over skin. Brush over a specific area with a smooth stroke. Repeat as needed. 

Eye Shadow Blending Brush: To use, select the eye shadow shade you'd like to apply and gently swipe it across your eyelid, from the inside of your eyelid to the outside. Use for applying and/or blending. 

Eye Shadow Precision Eye Shadow Brush: Best for small eye areas, specifically for precision blending. 

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Makeup Brush Kit (Roll-up Bag and 5 Brushes)

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