Why Make Tea Tree Oil A Staple In Your Household?

The Real Purity Team
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Tea tree oil is an oil extracted from the leaves of the tea tree, also known as Melaleuca Alternifolia, an Australian tree. According to WebMD, this oil (when applied topically to the skin), can be used to treat everything from acne and lice to recurrent herpes and chicken pox.
So why is this essential oil so effective? Read on to see why you should make tea tree oil a staple in your household.
It’s Antibacterial: More specifically, it’s an effective way to battle acne, fungus infections of the nails and athletes foot. For example, applying a 5% tea tree oil gel has shown as much effectiveness in treating acne symptoms as 5% benzoyl peroxide (without any additional skin irritation). Use of this essential oil has also demonstrated effectiveness in improving nail appearance in fungal infections and in relieving symptoms of athlete’s foot.
It’s Antiviral: As recorded in this Livestrong article, research has demonstrated that use of tea tree oil can effectively treat such illnesses as H1N1 (influenza), the appearance of warts when applied topically and even against Herpes simplex virus type 1, the causive agent of oral and genital herpes in humans.
It’s Antiseptic: In addition to being antibacterial, tea tree essential oil is also antiseptic. It can be administered directly to a sore, cut or burn (everything from a simple cut to the development of chicken pox) to heal the wound and prevent further infection. The same properties also make tea tree essential oil a terrific addition to any homemade soap, mildew combatant or even a heavily soiled laundry load.
It’s Moisturizing: Since this oil is a natural antiseptic, anti-fungal moisturizing agent, it is also an excellent ingredient for relieving dry, itchy and under-nourished hair and skin. Not only can it strengthen hair, but it can also remove dandruff. To find out how, check out this article at StyleCraze.
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