What Ingredients To Look For in A Natural Face Cream

The Real Purity Team
Although there’s growing interest in facial creams that use only natural ingredients, there's a prevailing belief that the natural alternatives just can't compete with the traditional, highly-advertised products. But we believe that if you find the right ingredients for the right skin type, a natural product can be highly effective.
To know what ingredients you should look for in a natural face cream, read below.
Almond oil
This impressive oil has the ability to trap moisture in the skin, increasing hydration. Additionally, it possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which is beneficial to those with sensitive skin and who are prone to reactions. Need another reason to begin products with this oil? It has skin lightening properties, which can help reverse sun damage and dark circles. Hello, younger skin. Good to see you again.
Grapeseed oil
Fight blemishes with this anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-packed oil. Grapeseed oil is an astringent, so you can use it to help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and tighten pores. Like its friend almond oil, grape seed oil also helps fight those dark circles around your eyes.
Rose hip oil
Flowers can provide us with impressive skin care benefits. Rose hip oil nourishes your skin with its impressive hydrating abilities and calms sensitive skin suffering from eczema or rosacea. It also contains high amounts of vitamin A, which helps rejuvenate skin cells.
Coconut oil
Why is there so much hype over coconut oil? This oil provides intense moisture, anti-aging benefits, repairs skin and even protects you from microbial infections. Oh, and it smells heavenly. If you want to learn more about it, check out this post from May.
Nature provides some of the most powerful ingredients for our skin – but how powerful they are depends largely on using the right facial cream for your skin type. If you’re ready to find the right facial cream for you, check out our Real Purity Skin Care page, where everything is 20% off through October 7, 2015. Just use code SOFTSKIN at checkout. Valid only for full size items.