What Are The Benefits of Mineral Makeup For Acne?

The Real Purity Team
In the last few decades, many cosmetics giants have begun to trumpet the importance of mineral makeups. Dermatologists and other experts particularly steer those with acne and sensitive skin towards mineral makeup options.
To find out why, read below.
Allows pores to remain unclogged
When pores become clogged with too many dead skin cells and excess sebum, they attract bacteria, which becomes trapped in the pore. Once it’s trapped, it begins to multiply, causing swelling and redness – in other words, the beginning of acne. Read more about the beginning of acne here.
However, one of the benefits of mineral makeup is that most are noncomedogenic, meaning the ingredients won’t clog your pores. This allows you to avoid the potential of trapping bacteria, and a potential acne breakout.
Contains anti-inflammatories, like titanium dioxide and zinc
Have you ever noticed that having excessively dry skin can result in inflammation, and then breakouts? What happens is that the dead skin cells shed abnormally and combine with excess skin oil to block hair follicles, which then causes irritation, swelling and – you guessed it – the dreaded pimple.
Mineral makeup helps avoid all kinds of inflammation with the use of ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc (which protect your skin against the elements) and non-irritating ingredients like clay and iron oxides.
Lacks unnecessary chemicals & additives, which often irritate skin
Typically, you won’t find preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, chemical dyes, and fragrance in mineral makeups. All of these chemicals can irritate skin and aggravate existing acne conditions. If you do suffer from frequent acne breakouts and/or easily irritated skin, a general rule of thumb is to look for mineral makeup with the smallest list of ingredients. The fewer ingredients the makeup has, the less opportunities there are for your skin to react to them (fun fact: Real Purity's Health Glow Cream Foundation contain only 5 ingredients, one of which is water and the rest of which are non-irritating and non-toxic).
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