Under-30 Skin Care Tips

The Real Purity Team
Our skin plays a significant role in our health, and if you don’t care for it in your twenties, you’ll be paying for it for the next several decades. Of course, even if you aren’t in your twenties any more, taking care of your skin is still something you can begin doing at any time. Follow these tips for under-30 skin care you can use now (no matter what age you are) to keep your skin youthful and healthy.
Use Sunscreen
Touting that tan body might seem sexy now, but too much sun exposure will inevitably lead to age spots and wrinkles, which usually start to appear in your 30s to 40s. Don’t risk it! Remember to apply sunscreen or sunblock any day you’ll be out in the sun, and your skin will be thanking you for the rest of your life. You can even avoid the irritating ingredients of traditional sunscreens when you stick with one like Real Purity’s Zinc Oxide Sunscreen, which uses a simple formula to provide protection for your skin.
Soak Up Vitamin C and E
Two vitamins that are great for your skin at any age are Vitamins C and E. These nutrients are available in foods like citrus, bell peppers, and avocados. They are also found in supplement form, and many natural skin care products have them in their ingredients. Using a skin cream or serum with these vitamins can help protect against free radicals that cause the skin to show more extreme signs of aging. If you want to target these signs specifically, we recommend turning to cream options like the Real Purity Anti-Aging Dragonfruit Facial Cream, which contains both Vitamin B, Vitamin E and a blend of non-irritating essential oils to both moisturize and protect skin.
Stick To Gentle Cosmetics & Skin Care
Did you know that the EU has banned over 1,000 cosmetic ingredients, but the US has only banned 9 from the same list? Some ingredients on this list include those like parabens, which have been linked to irritation and hormone disruption, while others – like alcohol-based toners – strip your skin of its natural moisture. Some companies even use ingredients like lead and formaldeyde, which can lead to extreme irritation. Go gentle with a toner/cleanser combination, like Real Purity’s Green Tea Toner & Facial Cleansing Lotion (best for normal or oily skin).
Healthy Living
Taking care of yourself and making your health a priority will go a long way in keeping the vitality in your skin. Getting enough sleep will allow your skin to recover from the day. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin plump and hydrated. Above all else, it is important to develop a routine that limits skin irritation and discoloration, which are features that will haunt you as you age.
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