Thrifty Reasons To Love Fall

The Real Purity Team
Thrifty Reasons To Love Fall
Wondering how you and the family are going to enjoy fall this season? Wonder no longer by reading our list of thrifty reasons to love fall this season.
Go hiking! Who doesn’t love the feel of leaves crunching under your shoes? Scooting outside will allow you to enjoy the beautiful foliage, the cooling temperatures, and the opportunity to burn a few extra calories. And whether you live in the middle of mountains or amongst flowing fields, we guarantee you’ll return home refreshed.
Visit a pumpkin patch. Not only are most pumpkin patches free – they usually boast everything from small art booths to hot chocolate and hay rides. Take advantage of your local pumpkin patch and expect to have a few hours of inexpensive family fun.
Don’t forget the farmers market. Farmers markets are obviously one of the best parts of summer – but they’re just as good in fall! Sneak great deals and top-of-the-line prices for the best fall ingredients, like carrots, squash, brussel sprouts and other great ingredients.  Wondering what you’ll make with all of it? Check out this article for a quick roasting recipe for a combo of various fall veggies.
Cook up some fall recipes. For those of you who love spending days in the kitchen, this is the time of year for you. After picking up great deals on fresh produce and veggies and fall farmers markets, you can head home and try this blogger’s fall recipes for an afternoon of delicious fun. With over 150 to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find a few that catch your eye.
Have an outdoor movie night. Sound expensive? Don’t stress. Using equipment that you likely already have in your home, this experience will more than beat any night at the local theater (or even the drive-in, if you still have one close by). For equipment tips, you can visit this blog post. Want to make it a party? Get your kids and guests involved with these great DIY ideas.
Try out local orchards. Like the pumpkin patches, local orchards are another great afternoon or all-day activity that cost little to nothing to enjoy. Not only will you walk away with great pie-making berries, apples and other ingredients at the end of the day – most orchards charge only for the fruit, not for the delightful hours of picking.
Rake, don’t blow. Who wants to rake in the middle of fall? We do! Not only does raking conserve more energy than using a leaf blower; you can burn up to 300 calories an hour raking your yard…and another dozen when you spend the next hour jumping in the piles you create.
Tour local wineries. Okay, we love the kid-friendly ideas – but who doesn’t need a little adult time? Because wineries are often located out in the country, fall is the perfect time to enjoy the time it takes to drive out to visit them. Why is it on our thrifty list? Because usually, wineries will allow you to taste their wines for free or for a very small amount - just don’t blame us for the bottles you buy afterward.
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