Eyeshadow Duos: Double The Color, Half The Price

Rachael Pfenninger, Contributing Writer
duo eye shadows 600x300
We all have those days when we are staring in our makeup bag, waiting for inspiration. What shade of eyeshadow should I wear? Which shade coordinates with my outfit? I want to do something different but don't know where to start! How do I know which shades of eyeshadow compliment each other?
As the the Makeup Artist here at Real Purity, I hear and understand all of these feelings, which is why I come up with tutorials and demos to point people in the right direction. But sometimes, the answer is to just sit back and let the professionals help! That's why we're featuring our non-irritating Real Purity Eyeshadow Duos for you this month, which are already paired to get you the fabulous looks you deserve. Take a peek below to see a few quick descriptions.
Real Purity Eyeshadow Duos
Mocha/Vanilla is a great transition shade. It can take you straight from the office to an evening look with minimal effort.
Crystal/Navy is a great shade for those blue-eyed ladies! It accents those baby blues and really makes them pop.
Navy/Icy Rose is another shade that transitions well. The stunning Navy is softened by a subtle hint of frosty pink.
Lizard/Coral is a great shade for our green-eyed clients. The Lizard really accents the green eyes while the Coral brightens adds some dimension to the look.
Lemon/Lime is a fun and flirty pairing. Great for Spring/Summer, it draws the wow with a pop of summery color.
Aqua/Peacock is a very easy shade to wear. Flashy and fun, everyone can pull this look off.
To see tutorials on how these shades can be applied, visit our Facebook page. Real Purity Duo Eyeshadows (found in our Cosmetics category) are going to be featured at a whopping 50% off through the end of June, so pick ‘em up now! As always, if you have any questions, you can reach me on our Facebook page or call me directly at (812) 473-2942.