Naturally Lighten Hair For Sun-Kissed Summer Locks

The Real Purity Team
If you’re craving that sun-kissed look for summer - but it hasn’t happened for you yet - then we have a few tips for you to try. Take a peek below to see our four recommended ways to lighten your hair for sun-kissed summer locks.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide. Second to bleach (which can be extraordinarily damaging to hair), this chemical is the go-to for hair lightening. Simply pour some that's been diluted to about 3% strength into a spray bottle, spray lightly over hair and relax in the sun for a while. However, while this method is not extreme as bleach, it can still be pretty damaging. Follow up with some deep conditioning and take it easy on the heat products.
  2. Lemon juice. This tried-and-true method is a little slower than the hydrogen peroxide, but it’s definitely more gentle. Squeeze some lemons (or buy the juice from a grocer) and spray it in your hair the morning of a day at the beach. You can also run it through your hair using your fingers. Leave in all day and wash out at the end of the day.
  3. Honey. Raw honey has been touted as a natural hair lightener, and it's also a natural emollient and humectant. These characteristics allow the use of honey to both soften hair, as well as draw in moisture. For lighter locks, we recommend mixing 4 parts honey with either one part water or one part apple cider vinegar (which acts as a conditioner), then letting it sit for one hour before pouring small amounts onto your hair and rubbing in with your fingers. You can let it sit for at least 2 hours, or - for a much a lighter look and a deep conditioning treatment – leave it in overnight.
  4. A cinnamon, honey, and olive oil mask. Although hydrogen peroxide can damage hair strands, this more natural alternative gives you the hair-lightening ability of hydrogen peroxide, but pairs it with a plethora of benefits, like better scalp stimulation, nutrient flow to hair follicles and can even stop hair loss.

To give this one a try, just combine 1 tbsp. cinnamon, 1 tbsp. raw honey, and 1 cup of olive oil to form a paste. Then, take a comb and run it through your hair, leaving it in for at least half an hour before washing it out. If you’d like to leave it longer, feel free! We estimate that this treatment will take you up a shade or two, but it's best repeated once a week or so until you get the results you want.
There you have it! Four easy methods to lighten up your hair for the summer, without the damage of conventional bleach. Get ready to wow the world with beautiful, sun-kissed summer locks!
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