The Top 5 Benefits Of Drinking Black Tea

The Real Purity Team
Tea drinking has become both a health craze and an enjoyable pastime for many Americans. From health food stores to the grocery aisle and pharmacy counters, the options are nearly limitless when it comes to brands, varieties, and doses. If you’re ready to focus on one particular flavor of tea, however, recent research has shown that varieties of black tea carry five substantial and unique benefits.
  1. Black tea assists with oral health. The polyphenols found in this kind of tea suppress and even eliminate cavity-causing bacteria. In addition, they can hinder the potential growth of disruptive enzymes that build onto teeth that binds to form plaque.
  2. Black tea may lower the risk of diabetes. Concluded from a study based in the Mediterranean, scientists discovered that people who had consumed black tea on a regular basis, approximately one to two cups a day throughout their lives, were up to seventy percent less likely to have or later develop type two diabetes.
  3. Black tea supports a healthy immune system. As well as helping lower stress levels, drinking black tea can also affect the immune system in a more direct way. It contains alkylamine antigens that help support a quick immune response, as well as tannins that may help fight common viruses.
  4. Black tea is high in antioxidants. The polyphenols mentioned earlier that help improve oral health play a dual role. The are also important antioxidants that may help block destructive DNA damage, even those associated with tobacco and other harmful chemicals. Moreover, these antioxidants are not the kind commonly found in fruits and vegetables, therefore making it a healthy and varied addition to any diet.
  5. Black tea may play a key role in preventing cancer. Although the studies are not yet concrete, those lovely polyphenols that keep coming up, when combined with catechins, can prevent certain kinds of cancer. The positive results seem especially prominent in women and lowered ovarian cancer rates.

Not only are you now armed with these five phenomenal reasons to run out and stock up on black tea, but you can feel confident that you'll have some hefty tea table conversation as well. So kick back, and feel good about enjoying your next cup of tea!
Editor's Note: Any time we recommend a particular item that could provide benefits to your health, we want to emphasize that no matter how enticing that item's benefits might be, we always encourage moderation in consumption and use. We also recommend that you always do additional research on any item you're considering adding to your body care or food regimen, particularly if you suffer from any kind of medical condition.